Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Yorleans City

this post is long overdue... but the delay is mainly sauce's fault.  
actually, the fault can be evenly distributed amongst several culprits, none of whom are me.
the first culprit who has delayed this post, is my new job.  that's right, someone was crazy enough to hire me. big whoop, wanna fight about it? the company is  called Mpress.  and that's exactly what we do.  "we" .... that felt weird.  anyway, we are a printing company, and i was hired as a salesman.  and as soon as i learn how to talk about selling paper, i'm gonna be golden.  cause nobody believes in the power of the print more than i do. can i get an amen?
here's our website:

that new job lead me on a wild goose chase through the streets of new orleans to find a place to live (and to the second culprit in my blame game).  and i'm not talking about a cardboard box under a bridge.  oh no. i learned from katrina: cardboard won't cut it.  the real estate market here is nuts.  folks wanted $900 for a windowless basement apartment in a bad part of town.  i couldnt even get a discount if it was a crime scene.  
one day, as i was finally giving up hope on this whole living situation thing, there was a light at the end of the craigslist.  an apartment with a great location, on the top floor of a three story building for only $775.  there had to be a catch! but we couldnt find one.  not until after we signed up, that is. 
see, its a great little one bedroom.  sauce says it has character, which just means its older than dirt.  or at least pre WW2 (the big one). and it is nice.  the wood floors are great, the windows and sunroom are lovely.  heck, even the bathroom sink is cool. 

what isn't cool, is that i share the space with more roaches than i can count.  its like there's a roach factory in there somewhere, pumping out little baby roaches like they're in high demand. -and they ain't. 
so i've pulled out the big guns.  i've bombed the place, put out these things that make the roaches infertile, roach pellets, some crazy gel stuff, roach hotels, anti-roach propaganda, razor wire, and i even hired two snipers.  i'm not going down without a fight. 
said roach-filled apartment doesn't have cable or internet either, since i spend my nights deep in the trenches in my never ending war against vermin.  but once the DMZ has been established and peace brought back to the region, hopefully i'll be able to watch some cartoon network and surf the information super highway.
and even though i'm working for the man now, Cage Free is still going strong.  as soon as we find some studio space,  Sauce and i will be keeping ourselves entertained by printing.  keepin the dream alive!
word up.