Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Few Minor Updates

Greetings from Cage Free Press!
It's been quite some time... You're looking well. Why, thank you. I have shed a few pounds.
Enough chitchat. Time for the update.  It's been so long since we last posted (which Sauce continually reminds me is my own fault) that I feel like I should just touch on the highlights. 
Since we last spoke, Sauce and I took a 13 hour (both ways) road trip to Lexington, KY for an event called Bourbon Under the Stars where we had a lovely visit with my cousin, Kyle.
We got to see Minus the Bear in concert, which was incredible. Sauce and I met the band after the show.  I imagine that was almost as cool for me as it was for Sauce when she met Hanson.
Mardis Gras rolled past our apartment.
We had our first Christmas as a married couple.
As most of you CFP fanatics already know, Sauce and I have relocated to Oxford, MS. While we miss our friends, the Motts and all the incredible distractions New Orleans had to offer, we have been able to keep ourselves busy with our latest fascination: letterpress.
It has been awesome getting back into the studio and surrounding ourselves with familiar faces both around town and back in the Art Department. We went a long time without making new work, so we're jumping in with both feet.  
Cage Free Press finally has an Etsy Shop, which you can visit here: 
Cage Free Press Etsy Shop
We're very excited about adding new content to the store as we make it.  Probably more excited about selling it, if you can imagine.
And now we are preparing for Double Decker weekend here in Oxford (Also our 1 year anniversary. No big deal). We'll be sharing a tent with the Student Art Association, so if you're in town, please come find us... And give us your monies.
Feels good to be back.