Thursday, June 3, 2010

its my first time

i don't blog. in fact, i don't think i've ever some taken time to look at blogs. my complete lack of experience with blogs (blogsperience) and being engaged to a Cottage Lady, is going to make this an adventure.   
for those of you who know Sauce well, its hard to imagine that the same kid who will wear a space camp t-shirt and moon boots could be so attracted to all the frilly little things she adores so much. its incredible, hilarious, fascinating and bizarre all at the same time.  i never know what to expect. Sauce has a love for everything from fine art, to art that i can only describe as "soul-crushingly cute." i did my best to scale back some of the cute factor. so far, no butterflies or hearts have surfaced, but its only day two.  and look at what i'm working with!
my vision for Cage Free Press is, obviously, a little more masculine.  i couldn't find any backgrounds featuring bears or steaks, nor could i find any cool pictures of bears eating steak. so this will have to do for now.  i have visions of woodcuts and letterpress dancing in my head. that's my ultimate goal: become filthy, stinkin rich making awesome prints that i would do for free if i didn't like money so much.

the irony of the situation is, all our commission work thus far has been ordered by wives or brides or moms, and its all been cute- in a nice way. nobody has asked for a rainbow covered in butterflies and unicorns, but then again, Sauce wouldn't commission me to make that, she'd just do it herself. but her vision of what Cage Free is or should be is closer to the truth than mine. dudes aren't coming out of the woodwork asking for a woodcut of two men giving each other a high five, but mamas want prints of their babies! and we're more than happy to make it happen.

so for now, this blog will showcase our commission work, our influences, and the ensuing hilarity of the two of us trying to mesh our vision for this experience. enjoy the ride. donations are encouraged. ;)

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