Monday, August 15, 2011

Get some time. Make some work.

For the past few days at the store we have been uncharacteristically on top of things. So much so that I have found myself with a little extra time to design. This is a real luxury at my job because most of the time our customers are demanding "I need it yesterday!" to which I refer them to this chart:

So with all this extra time I have been trying out some new approaches to depth and texture with my invitations. This has mostly been achieved by using transparencies and (gasp) gradients.

(this last one is influenced by an existing "Minted" design. But hey, inspiration has to come from somewhere, right?)

I would say the biggest problem I'm having currently is that my brides don't have a lot of vision. Its been months since someone approached me with new imagery or a unique request. More often than not though, the brides who have vision don't have budget, and the brides who have budget want the same invitation their mother had.


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